Bakery Fresh Bread From G&G’s Bakery

Fresh Bread

Freshly Baked Breads

Nothing compares to the fragrance of freshly baked bread. Our bakery is and always has been a 100-percent scratch bakery. Our team rises before the sun, working in the middle of

the night so that our customers can enjoy the freshest breads,rolls and pastries when the new day begins. Each day the baking team makes donuts, croissants and some of the most beautiful cakes in the county… all by hand. We use the highest quality cream for the whipped cream icing on our cakes, and the freshest seasonal fruit for our fruit basket cakes.

We’re one of the few bakeries around still making custom cakes; our customers can request their favorite fillings, cake varieties and frosting, and our skilled team will deliver a stunning custom creation to your exact specifications.


Did you know that even in today’s economy, G&G Supermarkets is making it possible for everyone in the county to enjoy a fresh baked pie?

We’re all about community—we always have been. Throughout our 47-year history of bringing our customers the best of everything in a grocery store, we’ve been Piessupporting the causes you care about like feeding the hungry, school fundraising and 4H. Our employees support the community with the same care they show in the aisles of our stores. In fact, most of our customers will tell you that we treat them like family. That’s because everyone at G&G thinks of all our customers as one really big family.

So to help ensure that every person in our extended family—in the farthest reaches of Sonoma County’s borders and beyond— enjoys a pie this summer, we’re doing our part with our “A Pie on Every Table” campaign. We’ve launched this effort to highlight the incomparable quality of our bakery departments in our Santa Rosa and Petaluma stores, and just in time for summer, we’re offering fresh, beautiful 8” pies at a great price.

We think that most home chefs will find that it’s less expensive to visit our bakery for their pies than it would be to bake from scratch. So stop by our Santa Rosa or Petaluma stores, and be a part of a Pie on Every Table. It’s just one more way G&G Supermarkets is passionately focused on our customers.

Can a Cookie Make a Difference?

Did you know that something as small as one cookie can make a difference here in our communities, where we all live, learn, work, relax and recreate? It’s true! By purchasing the ingredients to make this powerful cookie at G&G Supermarkets, where the bakers, stockers, checkers and meat-cutters are your neighbors as well as your friends, your choices have impact. For more than 30 years G&G and its family of employees have been actively supporting more than 150 Sonoma County nonprofit organizations.

CookiesG&G Supermarkets furthers their local commitment by offering quality products from local vendors, growers and suppliers whenever possible. You’ll choose the best and freshest local ingredients, like Petaluma Farms eggs, Clover Stornetta butter and cream, Sonoma County dried fruit and nutritious whole grains. G&G puts percentage of the money you spend right back into the community, supporting the good work of the American Heart Association, the Redwood Empire Food Bank, 4H and Future Farmers of America, local after-school programs, athletic teams, and the Schools Plus, Santa Rosa Police Department, Toys for Tots, United Way and many more.

So go ahead and make time this week to bake some cookies for your family, friends and coworkers. We’ll all be glad you did. Giving back is just one more way G&G Supermarkets dedicates our talents, energy and resources to building a healthy, prosperous community where all can thrive.