Chinese Take Out

No Time to Cook? Just Pick Up and Go!

Delicious Rotisserie Chicken to Go!

Delicious Rotisserie Chicken to Go!

The Chinese Kitchen has a large selection of foods to choose from. Experience our Chinese chefs favorite picks, boneless pork, Chinese style ribs, roast pig, duck, or steamed pork buns. We also have finger foods, pot stickers, egg foo young, foil wrapped chicken, and much more. We have numerous entrees to feed your family, each to their own taste from chow mien to hot & spicy chicken. Our exclusive G&G Combo features four mouth-watering entrees topped off by a crispy fried wonton.

We also have other delicious foods you can try! We have daily specials Monday through Thursday for anyone who wants to try something new. Depending on the day, we have fried chicken, roast beef, roast turkey, and corned beef. These meals also include two of these entrees such as mashed potatoes, biscuit, carrots, cabbage, peas, or corn on the cob. Pick up some appetizers like our famous chicken strips, potato wedges, or fried prawns.

Why not try our take and bake pizza section for a variety of pizzas. Try our pepperoni, cheese, sausage, or combination pizza made every morning. Add a crisp green salad and dinner is served! New combos coming soon! Sure to please busy parents and kids!

Quick, inexpensive and filling dinner to go!