Something Special – Market Centre

Beyond Bread and Butter

Products in our store that are a little bit out of the ordinary or somewhat hard to find are unique. We call these products “Something Special,” because that’s how they’re perceived by our customers.

Our distributor, Unified Grocers, feels so strongly about this important category that they created a subsidiary company called Market Centre whose sole focus is to seek out those special products that make our store unique. Market Centre is a full-line, full-service distributor with more than 15,000 specialty items to choose from. Among these are confections, ethnic foods, kosher, gourmet specialties,health & wellness, natural and organic offerings.

Seasonal general merchandise products create a “special” mood within our store — and Unified delivers with a wide range of products that complement any holiday or special occasion.

If you’re looking for something special and unique, look to Unified Grocers’ Market Centre line of products. We proudly feature them in our stores.

Western Family provides top quality national brand-equivalent private label items exclusively to independent retailers, including G&G, and is one of the most recognized grocery brands in the West.

Unified distributes more than 2,600 Western Family SKUs covering nearly every major category in our store. From grocery, general merchandise, health and beauty care, and frozen food to dairy, deli, fresh meat, produce, and bakery, Western Family has what you need.

Every product comes with competitive, everyday low prices supported by frequent, deep promotions.

In addition, this trusted brand features:

  • 24-hour customer response line
  • Double-Your-Money Back consumer satisfaction guarantee
  • Many Western Family products are approved for government nutritional programs
  • And more!

Western Family is also proud to support numerous consumer events throughout the area. To satisfy you — and your bottom line — look to the West, Western Family.