Greater Selection. More Organic Produce!

Our customers asked for greater selection, more organic produce and more exotic produce choices.

Produce Santa Rosa

Organic Produce

We’ve responded with abundant varieties – so much so that we’ve relocated and expanded the produce department, putting it front and center to highlight

the striking, colorful produce choices for your convenience.

Whether you are looking for corn, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers or other delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, G & G’s produce department has you covered.

Did we forget to mention our nutritious beets! Asparagus, eggplant, check!

Our produce clerks are here to answer your questions about quality, and they’ll let you know when our fruits and vegetables are at the peak of the season.

Peaches and Nectarines

Did you know that in ancient China, peaches were said to give the gift of longevity to those who ate them? Feng Shui’s symbol of a long life is none other than the peach. Now, there’s no guarantee that you won’t get old and wrinkled in a long life spent

eating peaches, nor can we promise that you won’t lose a little spring in your step once you get past 100. But it is safe to say that life will definitely be sweeter eating Peaches and Nectarinesdelectable stone fruit like the gorgeous peaches and nectarines available now in G&G Supermarkets’ new produce aisle.

Fresh from the farm, these beauties catch and hold the summer sun until you release it to your waiting taste buds. They’re incomparably delicious. Their taste just might be enough to keep you hanging on through one more winter. And they’re rich in antioxidants, which help ward off disease and premature aging. It could be that the ancient Chinese knew exactly what they were talking about all along. Find your own piece of eternity when you load up on summer’s bountiful peaches and nectarines at G&G Supermarkets today.


Did you know that some of the best corn in this hemisphere comes from verdant farms just a short drive from Santa Rosa? Dwelley Farm’s Brentwood corn grows just off the Sacramento River Delta in rural Contra Costa County. There, corn is nurtured by exceptionally rich soil and cooled by light breezes.

This sweet white corn is summer’s true reward—the taste we dream of on dreary winter evenings huddled near the wood stove. You can see it in your mind’s eye–hot off the grill, with just a few golden-brown kisses of flavor from the barbecue. Just thinking of it, you can almost taste it—sweet and juicy … and that al dente crunch when you bite into a perfectly grilled ear.

Mark Dwelley, his father and grandfather have been farming their 800 acres in the Brentwood region since the 1920s. Dwelley Farm’s corn is hand-selected, and picked at night when cool temperatures lock in the sugar and juices of the sweet corn. Then it’s gently packed in ice and delivered directly to G&G Supermarkets that same morning. It’s just one more way G&G Supermarkets delivers the freshness and quality their customers deserve.

G&G Supermarkets Presents: The Right Bite

By Filene P. Phelps – Fitness and Nutrition Consultant

How’s your weekend looking? I’m hoping your plans aren’t focused exclusively on the couch, a big bowl of chips and ice-cold beer. Sure, knock yourself once in a while, but weekend after weekend of extended couch duty is not an option for a healthier you. Many of my clients are renewing their commitment to better health for 2010 — pledging to exercise more and make better food choices.

I’m telling clients to keep a copy of their Food Pyramid taped up in their kitchen so they see it every time they open that fridge door. Download a Food Pyramid poster to make good health a priority for your entire household. And good nutrition actually boosts your brain power! Get a better memory without even thinking about it.

When it comes to shopping for your pyramid’s building blocks, there’s no grocery store quite like G&G Supermarket.

They make healthy eating easy by stocking the finest and freshest dairy, whole grain, meat and produce selections in Sonoma County. Their produce department is bursting with fresh leafy greens, jewel-toned fruits and beautiful root vegetables for hearty wintertime soups. Look for their tremendous selection of bulk foods like nuts and dried fruits. And their bakery is overflowing with whole grain goodness and tempting, nutritious treats. These quality foods are priced reasonably, and the helpful employees at both the Petaluma and Santa Rosa stores keep good nutrition in easy reach.