The G&G Legacy

G&G Supermarket opened its first store in 1963 when Gee Kai Gong and Robert Gong formed a partnership and opened at the original 901 W. College Avenue location. With the help of their spouses Fong and Carrie Gong and Gee Kai Gong’s children Betty, Dick, Lee, Don, and Dorothy, the foundation was set for the future of G&G Supermarket. The Meat Department built its reputation for having “The Best Meat in Town” and today still enjoys this reputation. The Produce Department was known for its high quality and great values. These were some of the qualities that attracted people from all over the county to G&G Supermarket. But most importantly, the G&G trademark of friendly service brought the customers back.

G&G through the years

In 1972, as sales grew beyond the limits of the current site, G&G Supermarket built a 25,000 square feet supermarket that replaced the original store. This was one of the larger markets around at that time and soon became the shopping place for the community of Santa Rosa. The store maintained its philosophy of offering variety, value, and uppermost with friendly service. The store offered both service and self-service meats. The produce department continued to grow as the business grew. The family also grew and Robert Gong’s children Carol and Connie Lowe became actively involved in the business.

In the spring of 1981, G&G Supermarket opened one of the largest supermarkets in the state. The replacement unit was the size of a football field with over 84,000 square feet. The latest technology in refrigeration and lighting were incorporated at the 1211 W. College Avenue location. The newest departments included were Chinese Take Out, Delicatessen, an old fashioned deli and cheese shop, a full service in-store floral department, an expanded produce department, an expanded frozen food department, and a wine and spirit department unmatched by any supermarket.

G&G Supermarket continued to keep pace as lifestyles changed. In 1986, the Produce Department and Chinese Take Out expanded into an additional 12,000 square feet addition at the same time increasing the total store size to 96,000 square feet. The direct buying from the fields and farms increased to accommodate the volume generated by the new addition. This brought even fresher produce to the tables of our customers.

In the late 1990’s, the store began another face-lift expanding the selection it had to offer. The health foods department was increased to address the dietary concerns of today’s ever-changing lifestyles. The delicatessen and cheese departments were not only expanded, but they are setting the standards for the industry. The Bakery and Meat Department went through a major remodel. The sushi chef, Pac Bell Payment Center, and the Sonoma National Bank were added as in store conveniences. During this time, Robert’s daughter and son, Jodie Lau and Teejay Lowe and Dick’s son and daughter, Jason Gong and Melissa Quon became actively involved.

G&G expandsGandGpetaluma

In November 2000 we opened our Petaluma Marketplace store. This 55,000 square feet store on Sonoma Mountain Parkway next to the SRJC features all of the same departments as our Santa Rosa store. We are proud to be a part of the Petaluma community.

G&G today

G&G Supermarkets continue to grow and expand in other ways. You’ll find us on Facebook, we have a thriving community we reach via our newsletter, where we let our readers know about upcoming events and store specials, we regularly host Cooking Classes and other fun events to celebrate the various holidays throughout the year, and most importantly, we are a big part of the communities we serve. Come visit us in Santa Rosa or in Petaluma!

G&G at 50!

G&G Supermarkets will be celebrating 50 years in Sonoma County with a year-long schedule of festivities, including giveaways and special events for the whole family, culminating with a big store party in October 2014! Stay tuned for details. And please click to view this special video celebrating G & G Supermarket’s 50th Anniversary in Santa Rosa!